The European Down and Feather Association (EDFA for short) supports the interests of the members through ongoing reporting, written information and targeted committee work on current issues and represents them vis-à-vis authorities, administration, politics and the public.

The formation of opinion with the members takes place in regular meetings, telephone and video conferences as well as by circulars. In a summarized form, the annual general meeting informs about current developments and decides all formalities such as board elections, approval of the budget etc.

According to the statutes

  • companies in the bed feather industry,
  • companies in the bedding industry,
  • manufacturers of down proof fabrics
  • companies in the chemical industry
  • Testing laboratories

can apply for EDFA membership.

The range of services for EDFA members includes the following areas of operation:

I. Standardization
  • Regular information on the work status on European standardization for down and feathers
  • Support to establish standard-compliant designations for the filling material
  • Training and seminars on the valid testing, definition and requirements standards for down and feathers
    (in renowned test institutes or among members)
  • Active participation and advice on the adopted and / or developing standards
  • Exchange of experience on the application of already adopted standards within the framework of an international technical commission

II. Scientific research and consulting e.g. on the topics:
  • House dust allergy
  • Microclimate under the duvet
  • Feather winning
  • Comfort behavior of duvets

III. politico-economic issues
  • Information about current import and export regulations.
  • Statistics (import and export)
  • Representing the interests of members towards international organizations, authorities and working bodies