Downafresh – hygienically perfect down and feathers

Downafresh® and Daunasan® labelled bedding items can be found on the international and German-speaking markets. Both brands document that the feathers and down used as filling material comply with EN 12935. This regulates the hygiene and cleanliness requirements for feathers and down.

Companies that are allowed to use Downafresh® and Daunasan® have their down and feathers analysed by a hygiene laboratory and document the origin and processing of the filling material.

Downafresh® greenLine also marks fillings for bedding items, which have been processed according to ecological criteria.

Only detergents that are environmentally friendly and preserve the naturalness of the filling material may be used. Downa-fresh® greenLine users are obliged to have their products checked regularly by an independent test laboratory to ensure that they meet the requirements for hygiene, cleanliness and environmental friendliness.