Feathers & Down

In Europe, feathers and down from water fowl (goose and duck) are mainly used to fill bedding items (duvets and pillows), clothing and outdoor equipment. They represent a high quality and unique natural product that offers the properties breathability, moisture transport and heat insulation with low weight. These advantages contribute to the fact that for example feathers and down can be evenly applied in a duvet, and that yet small amounts are sufficient to fill them.

No duck or goose is reared or kept for the sole purpose of obtaining down and feathers. The poultry is primarily used for human consumption. Approx. 98% of the world’s down and feather production is a natural by-product of poultry meat production or rearing.

The companies in the bed feather industry buying this by-product from the slaughterhouses must be classified in the “Slaughtering of poultry – processing of by-products” sector and be approved by veterinary authorities. After the hygienic preparation (water washing, steam drying – sterilizing, sorting), down and feathers can be used as filling material.